What is Kambo?

Kambo has been used for over 2,000 years as an 'ancestral medicine' by numerous tribes in Peru and Brazil.  Some of the most well-known tribes actively sharing the Kambo resin include the Amahuaca, Katukina, Kulina, Yawanawa, Matses, Marubo, Nukini, and Mayoruna.  

Kambo, or Phyllomedusa Bicolor, is a milky secretion naturally rich in biopeptides, which comes from the Giant Monkey Tree frogs who live the rain-forests of the Upper Amazonian Basin. Having no natural predators, The Kambo frog lives its life free of fear in the lush forests of Peru and Brazil.  When working closely with this frog ally, I believe we inherent some of its innate gifts of courage and fearlessness.  Known as the "jungle vaccine", Kambo reboots the immune system, and is administered as a protection against malaria, snake bikes, fever and infection. 

Traditionally, Kambo is used to purify, strengthen, and energize the mind and body. It is used in initiation ceremonies, and also before hunting expeditions, enabling the hunters to safely travel long distances without food or water. Some evidence even suggests that Kambo temporarily removes the human pheromone. Thus, in this purified physical and energetic state a hunter may walk 'invisibly" upon the earth, free from negative emotions, karma or toxicity.  This is because Kambo removes "panema", or negative energy, from the auric field. Indigenous wisdom tells us that when panema is cleared, all things will flow with ease and grace for the individual. Kambo works with opening the heart, an organ that has 10,000 times the magnetic field of the brain!

In the modern world, we too may inherent great benefit from the Kambo ceremony. At the human level, we are all rising to the challenges of living upon this earth in grace and courage, regardless of the time or setting in which we are alive. Kambo teaches us about the journey of coming home to ourselves, back into the strength of our hearts, and about how to access our own unlimited personal power.

At Kambo Catalyst, we pride ourselves with providing 100% sustainable sourced as well as ethically harvested Kambo sticks to our clients for use in sacred ceremony.  We also give back to the Matses tribes every year a portion of our profits.  It goes without saying, the vital importance that the indigenous people of the Upper Amazon benefit from the sale and use of their own precious medicines.  

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