Kambo Peptides:

To date, modern scientists have isolated more than 200 compounds found in the secretion of the Kambo Tree Frog. This research has revealed a highly unique and complex diversity of bio-active peptides. These peptides are amino acid chains which perform specific biological functions beneficial to the cells in the human body. These amazing peptides are recognized and received by the cell receptors, opening the cells and allowing them to purge toxic deposits which have been left there by illnesses or other foreign substances. Below is a short list of identified peptides and their benefits found within the frog resin. To learn even more about the science of peptide research and its finding, please follow the additional links provided.

Phyllocaerulein- a nueropeptide that delivers rapid, smooth muscle contractions and reduces blood pressure.

Phyllokinin- produces hypo-tension and a reduction in blood pressure.

Phyllomedusin- a potent vaso-dilator stimulating gastric activity, and various types of purging.

Phyllolitorin- a nueropeptide that contributes to smooth muscle contraction and the stimulation of gastric acids.

Dermorphin- a heptapeptide with potent analgesic effects, affecting hormone release in the pituitary gland and 40 times more powerful than Morphine.

Dermaseptin- antimicrobial, effective in eliminating cancer cells, bacteria, yeast and fungi in the body.

Deltorphin- has the highest inclination for delta opioid binding sites that any other compound known to humans.  

The following are a list of scientific articles highlighting the findings of Kambo Peptides: