This  is not a complete list.  If you have any concerns or serious health  issues, it’s important to disclose these to your practitioner prior to your session to ensure  that kambo is safe for you to work with.  All client information will be held strictly confidential in accordance with HIPAA laws. 

* People who have serious heart problems. 

* People who have had a stroke. 

* People who are taking medication for low blood pressure. 

* People who have had a brain hemorrhage. 

* People who have aneurysms or blood clots. 

* People who lack the mental capacity to make their own  decisions to take kambo.     

* People who have serious mental health problems (excluding  depression, PTSD and anxiety). 

* People who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for 4-6 weeks afterwards. 

* People who are taking immune-suppressants for organ transplant. 

* People with Addison’s disease. 

* People with current and severe Epilepsy. 

* People who are recovering from major surgical procedure.

* People with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

 * Women who are pregnant or suspect they may be so. 

* Women who are breastfeeding babies under the  age of 6 months old. 

* People who have worked with Bufo Alvarius (toad medicine)  in the last 6 – 8 weeks prior to kambo.

* those under 18 years of age.

In addition, it is advised to not take colonics or enemas 72 hours prior and post ceremony due to risk of electrolyte imbalance.  Moreover,  please inform us if you are taking diet pills, sleeping aids, or serotonin supplements, or have undergone water fasting in the days prior to your session.   We will kindly ask that these practices be suspended for several days before and after your treatment.  Lastly, for those individuals taking immune-suppressants for auto immune disorders, or those with active drug or alcohol addiction, please disclose this information to your practitioner, for safety sake.  Aforementioned above, all client information will be held strictly confidential in accordance with HIPAA laws.